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The Speakers from ICA Bremen

Corbin Donnelly


Director Cotton Quality & Rules, ICA Bremen GmbH

Jens Wirth has been working as a cotton quality expert for more than 20 years, with extensive knowledge ranging from the cultivation of the natural fiber to its processing in spinning/weaving mills.


During his tenure with Germany's largest cotton dealer, he traveled to various growing regions worldwide to inspect cotton and handle sales. Through his close contacts with the processing industry, the fiber's quality characteristics have always been at the center of his work.


Since 2022, he has brought his many years of experience and expertise to the team at the Bremen Cotton Exchange as Director Cotton and ICA Bremen GmbH as Operations Manager. He is responsible, among other projects, for instrumental test procedures and manual cotton classification.


Axel Drieling, Dipl.-Ing.

Senior Manager Cotton

Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE)

Axel Drieling studied Production Engineering at the University of Bremen, Germany. He started working at Faserinstitut Bremen eV (FIBRE) in 1996 as a Scientific Co-Worker, the Laboratory Head, later as Department Head for Testing Method, and has been a member of FIBRE’s Executive Board since 2006. Mr Drieling is responsible for fibre testing, test method development, international standardisation of testing, and round trials, with a focus on cotton and wool.


He is a member of the ICAC Task Force on Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC) and Chairman of the ITMF International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods. With his work for ICA Bremen, Mr Drieling is involved in several other standardisation, harmonisation, certification, and traceability topics in cotton.

Jens Wirth
Kya Rawlings
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